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Who we are


Prismi operates in the industrial recycling sector at the
service of the Italian rubber industry.

The core business focuses on the recovery of scrap vulcanized rubber post-processing. Waste to obtain products such as secondary raw materials for the world market.

Why choose us

A Green recycled rubber future from the Past

why us

The alternative to landfill.

Prismi's mission during these thirty years has been aimed at recovering precious resources for the environment, promoting an eco-sustainable supply chain.

Savings in manufacturing costs for Rubber.

Thanks to the use of our products derived from recycling, products can be obtained with significant economic savings and mechanical characteristics comparable to the Virgin product.

The use of the recycled product is fashionable!

In the past, the use of a recycled product in industrial production was treated as a poor product; today it encourages the purchase of consumers who are well aware of the great benefit it gives to the environment.

The Team


Recycled Rubber: Powder and Granules


The production of Prismi is dedicated in two sectors such as Granulates and Rubber Powders.
Choose the one that most interests your application to discover our Recycled and Eco-sustainable Products.

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The benefits of recycling


Talking about rubber in general means tire. Not everyone knows that the production of industrial rubber waste in Italy represents a total of 120,000 tons per year! Not everything is recyclable but Prismi does its utmost in the Green Vision goal of this sector.

We bring to your attention our recycling capabilities of vulcanized rubber by type.

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Benefits of Prismi activity

Our company believes in a better future and aims to help the community in the recycling of industrial rubber scraps from which various everyday products come from.

The recycling of industrial production is of vital importance and above all in the possibility of reuse as secondary raw materials that reduce the consumption of virgin products extracted from our planet.